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A History of Western Theatre


Project: A History of Western Theatre

Project Content:
Here we would look at the words about theatre and examine where they come from. Theatre, orchestra, tragedy, scene, proscenium and deus ex machina will be our first points of investigation.
2、Thespians and Rhapsodes
Herodotus speaks of Thespis and Plato discusses Rhapsodes (Ion, Republic). We will construct our understanding of this moment in time by building an idea of the oral tradition. We will then examine the first subjects that the first practitioners decided to use for theatre, but before we do so, we will try and situate ourselves in the historical moment and contemplate what these subjects might be.
We will then see the first intrusion of the state into politics with the banning of a play; with the wars of Athens; the subsequent heralding of the Golden Age of Greek drama; the beginning of the theatre competition and the new space for theatre within the public sphere.

Project Purpose:
The student can broaden their knowledge of the history of western theatre by examining contemporary theatre as the outcome of this development.

English Literature, History