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Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Microelectromechanical Systems


Project: Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Microelectromechanical Systems

Project Content:
Engineering is a subject that requires a fundamental understanding of physics and mathematics, the properties governing the world around us and guiding our potential material designs. As such, the project will begin with an introduction to these topics, ensuring that students have the fundamental tools to address advanced research subject matters. This will include discussions of the physics and mathematics underpinning engineering, and the equations required to quantify engineering designs. Based on their interests the students will select advanced topics to look beyond the basic equations, and discover the realm of fabrication considerations and design restrictions. Devices can be chosen based on industry interests or interests in specific engineering aspect of design challenges. Research papers will be reviewed with the instructor and discussed together to ensure that a high-level understanding is achieved as well as an awareness of nuances that can be involved in advanced engineering design and analysis.

Project Purpose:
1. To provide students an advance understanding of engineering, illustrating core concepts, the engineering design process, and numerical techniques for solving engineering problems.
2. To enhance his/her creativeness and critical thinking by discussing various engineering approaches and examples.

Electrical Engineering