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Turn Your Cell Phone into a Scientific Identification Instrument


Project: Turn Your Cell Phone into a Scientific Identification Instrument

Project Content:
Intelligent mobile phones are widely used in people's daily life, but not everyone knows that with only a few additional accessories you can quickly transform your intelligent mobile phone into a scientific instrument. Scientific instruments such as Spectrometer, which is an essential tool in modern day research. Its main function is to separate the light of different colors and obtain different intensities under different colors. Different materials have different spectral response to light, and therefore the light spectrum can often be used as chemical identification tools.

Of course, there are many kinds of spectrometers. We will learn the fluorescent spectrometers in this project. Fluorescence is a common phenomenon in life, such as fluorescent rods, fireflies, and so on. The principle of fluorescence is the phenomenon that certain substances can autonomously shine after they have acquired some form of energy. Such chemicals can be called fluorescent agents. Fluorescent agents are widely used in daily activities, such as freshly washed white shirts and teeth whiteners. In the cosmetics industry, fluorescent agents are very popular. When the project is in its late stage, we can use more advanced spectrum devices to confirm whether the fluorescent agents are really harmful to people. As an extension of the project, we can also do some spectral tests for other daily necessities in our life. The spectrometer is very powerful, welcome interested students explore with me.

Project Purpose:
This project is for high school students who wants to apply for prestigious schools in the United States. All experiments can be done independently by students at home. All basic knowledge can be completely mastered by students. By the end of the project, the student will write a professional chemical analysis of articles published in international journals in chemistry. When published, students are the first author and have the copyright of the article. If the performance of the self-made spectrometer is superior, you may consider applying for a national invention patent, and the largest beneficiary will be the student. In addition, since the instructor's extensive experience in applying for guidance and teaching English, the instructor will also help students improve their writing and speaking skills in English.

Physics, Chemistry