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Primary Exploration of Programming


Project: Primary Exploration of Programming---How to Use MATLAB& C/C++

Project Content:
Knowing how to use various computer languages is an invaluable asset in today's Internet era. This project introduces a variety of programming languages that are widely used in academia and industry and inspires students' awareness of programming and the ability to develop students' programming skills. Among the myriad of programming languages in use today, C language is a general programming language in industry. It’s simple, responsive and widely used. It is the foundational language from which most other languages originate To use C language flexibly we need to be more proficient in programming; the mastery of the language is a desire skill. The language C++ is closely related to C language and can is compatible with the C language syntax, but also added a main function of object-oriented programming, so it can not only have a high efficiency in the same language as C, while providing excellent ability of writing large-scale programs.

Project Purpose:
1 Master MATLAB use Interactive software to deal with a variety of complex academic computing problems.
2 Master C/C++ and know how to write complex procedures to meet needs and solve practical problems.
3 Adapt to the emerging technological advancements, to lay a solid foundation for further study in the future.

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